Meet Kevin Spacey, Jim Rogers and the new AUDI A8

Audi A8 Pavilion on Marina Bay inspired by Audi’s high precision tactile inspection unit, a machine whose structural form is conducive to the needs of the Pavilion, symbolically represented the spirit of Audi’s search for the Art of Perfection. The Pavilion on the outside appears to float on light while the interior reflects comfort, pleasure, and elegance with round curved walls and a unique experience at every turn. Simple geometries of square and circle transform the technological innovation of the new A8 into a spatial flow of evolving sensations. The exclusive leather VIP lounge opens the view to Marina Bay Sands and gives the comforts of an urban living after the show.


Art in Progress stimulates all senses as technical, visual, aural and haptic engagement of the body through space and time. In collaboration with media Artist Andreas Schlegel, the space brings the visitor into another world of perception. A white Light Room dissolves all dimensions, Sonic Flux transforms sound into light and Car Chart encloses the main hall and gives an insight into the components of the car.


To be light years ahead means to travel through time and dissolve the three dimensions, but also to create an efficient and pure building that gives full attention to advanced technologies and the innovations of a fascinating car. A structure to represent the best of Audi in engineering, technology, performance and prestige. Some dream of the future. Others create it. What else does it take to work for an Audi.


Project: Commission

Team: Florian Schätz, Lei-Ya Wong, Duc Duy Nguyen Hoang, Ma Xiao, Rayson Kan

MediaLab: Sojamo | Andreas Schlegel

Support: Bang & Olufsen, BHS Kitchen

Client: Audi Singapore Pte Ltd

Area: 2452 sm

Typology: Exhibition

Location: Singapore