A total brand experience

The Lingotto Factory Roof race track was built avant-garde and is up till today highly influential and impressive. For the launch of the new A6 in Singapore, we took that as an inspiration and let a racetrack become the building. The Audi A6 Arena is in the centre of the Padang, surrounded by several important landmarks. An extraordinary driving experience defines a spectacular form, on the size of football field. With two steep ramps, two steep turns and a central performance platform, the building effectively translates Audi’s idea of driving experience and uses the idea of lightweight within the building structure. The end result is a sophisticated showroom, exhibition gallery, event stage and bar, which is setting new marketing standards for the launch of the sporty business saloon. Functional, comfortable and target group orientated, the showroom is a premium in all aspect and guarantees the most action during the performance.


After registration, guests passing the photo wall having welcome drinks. Interactive artifacts in the Lab explain the new A6 features and set an memorable brand encounter before the performance starts. The layout of the grand stand, lounge and test drive centre guarantees an absolutely action-packed experience at all different stages of the Audi Arena.


The Power of Lightness A6 Launch event is made in partnership with Pico Total Brand Activation. Working in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team, we offer architectural design, exhibition curatorial, key turnover construction, event and show management, video production, storyboard of event journey, branding production and organization of test drive logistics.


Project: Proposal

Team: Florian Schätz, Kurt Lloyd Babet, Rayson Kan, Jed Mok, Florian Lüthi

Support: Pico Total Brand Activation Pte Ltd, FREEstate UK

Client: Audi Singapore Pte Ltd

Area: 9840 sm

Typology: Temporary Structure

Location: Singapore