Future Airport Solution

How to park 100 business jets on a minimum plot of land

This project provides a complete airport master-planning and engineering consultancy based on two questions: How to cut costs on aviation operation, insurances and handling by up to 300%? How to retrieve a jet in 20 min instead of 42 man hours from a Hangar? Singapore Seletar Aerodrome is a cutting edge integrated solution with an innovative vertical parking facility for more than 100 aircraft. The Aerodrome becomes a fully integrated nested solution with an all-in-one service complex of MRO Hangars, Terminal, Custom Clearance, Aviation Schools, Offices and Medical Flying Service and Vertical Aircraft Parking facilities. In one single location and in a very compact manner, it provides an optimized, efficient and innovative implementation of physical infrastructure in the air transportation system.  Funded by the JTC innovation Fund, it aims to create greater opportunities for urban redevelopment, secure jobs and contributes in making Singapore the number one aerospace hub in the region. 


With an increasingly lack of space, the current General Aviation traffic into Changi Airport might hinder its growth. This unique proposition can lead to a synergy effect: not only might Changi Airport be able to de-stress its problem of congestion, but Seletar Airport becomes a Southeast Asian magnet for Business and General Aviation. The Masterplan has been developed on only 85,000 m2 land. If offers airside access, two large MRO Hangars, a CIQ Terminal and six cylindrical Volumes for fully automated parking of business jets with up to 35m wingspans.


The innovative design not only helps to increase the storage space for 100 aircraft by 300%, it also allows for a 95% decrease in time and costs spent for parking and retrieval of an aircraft. The removal of an aircraft from its parking space is also quickened by five-folds in this unique new vertical rotating carousel parking system developed by Schaetz Design & Construction GmbH. The design allows any airport in extreme climates or areas prone to flooding to to free up land, to become much safer, more efficient and more flexible. 


Project:  Feasibility Study

Team:  Florian Schätz, Uli Schätz, Lei-Ya Wong, Kurt Lloyd Babet, Joanne Goh, Penny Ng

Partner:  Schaetz Design & Construction GmbH, Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd , MAJ Aviation Pte Ltd, Trafö GmbH   Client: Government of Singapore

Area:  85000 sm 

Typology: Infrastructure and Transportation

Location:  Singapore