sculptural monolith anchored in stone

Craftsmanship in Granite has a long tradition in the National Park of the Bavarian Forest. For generations it was a main source of income. Streets, pedestrian areas, bridges and memorials were built in local Bayerwaldgranit . An abandoned quarry at the entrance of Hauzenberg stands for the economic downturn in the local granite industries due to cheaper production facilities overseas. The granite forum and museum wants to create public awareness and re-cultivate the tradition of the local granite industries. The exhibition gives space for geological, technological, sociological and economical culture in the Lower Bavarian region. The open areal explains old mining and processing technologies, meanwhile a hands-on workshop and information center offers a fascinating insight into the world of stones.


The Granite Museum in Hauzenberg aligns with the broken edge of an old quarry. The chiseled monolith stands anchored in rock. Staged on concrete, granite creates a unique atmosphere that honors the long tradition of the industry in the region.


Granite is the solid blood of the earth. The museum documents the geology of a fascinating material. While the entrance, hall and workshop opens the view towards the rough landscape of the old quarry, the upper introverted floor explains the world of stones. 


Project: Awarded Competition

Team: Florian Schätz, Andreas Streibl

Support: Krassler und Reiter 

GFA: 1075 sm 

Typology: Museum 

Country: Germany