An ordinary total work of art

We see our work under the magnifying glass of Adolf Loos, Richard Neutra and Helmut Lang. Withstanding any trend, we constantly aim to create a work that is puristic, timeless and with a sharp modern take on it. We juxtapose premium materials with the banal and ordinary, creating classical order to give it a twist. We see and appreciate the beauty of the ordinary. Formalism and decorative pattern only makes sense as a result of a superior idea in structure, constructed joints or reflection of a site. Due to the artistic dilemma of the late last century, architecture lost its virtue in a hedonistic pop and fun culture. It needs to regain its knowledge and confidence in tectonic, craft, theory and art with the new opportunities of our time, by using the possibilities of new technologies, materials and codes of new media. Architecture needs to create the bigger picture and tell a story to the user. It needs to grow together and define its art as one cast. In our ideal of unifying all works together, we design spaces, products, graphics and events. We curate exhibitions, content publications and create the spatial experience for you and your brand


With a fine selection of premium materials, we create spaces of modern living. Not just furniture like tables or chairs, but also other objects for sweeter moments.

Total Work of Art

We love designing the whole package of the new 'Gesamtkunstwerk'. A total work of art, craft and experience. Including design, images, wallpaper, invitation or business cards.


From a first sketch through a physical space, we communicate our client’s brand in exhibition design, events, graphics for a successful product placement.