Three Villas in the Sky

A Project for Wing On Investment Company

Villas and penthouses were once individual dreams of stature, never crossing each other's paths. Yet, when villas are brought into the skies, the idea of the penthouse is pushed to greater heights of luxury. Three villas in the sky; an urban sanctuary far above the bustle of the heart of the city draws with very simple lines the best qualities of modern living. Wing On Life Garden exclusive Penthouses offer the magnificent views over Singapore. The Art of Minimalism, the most complex form of Art with the most maximum effect, unfolds in a private tropical urban resort on three floors with spacious wellness, working, entertainment and living areas. Three penthouse units of Wing On Life Garden are refurbished in the modernist tradition of design, craft and attention to detail.


The coolness of the white marble in the living room stands in contrast against the warmth of the dark tropical timber and sets itself apart from the texture of the dark flamed granite. Joints are unseen and the surveyed detailed neatness creates a crisp interior design, that is reminiscent of a reading or gallery space in the world of aesthetics by Edward Hopper. It is about living with views, where the design steps back and creates a stage for nature.


The three penthouses are timeless, designed with spaces for comfortable living in representative living rooms, work spaces, loft studios, social entertainment areas and a huge roof garden. Each unit varies different layers in four color tones and natural materials to frame unique views of the city and the nature reserves.


Project: Commission

Team: Florian Sch├Ątz, Lei-Ya Wong, Kurt lloyd Babet, Joanne Goh, Penny Ng, Meranda Tan, Carolina Vega

Client: Wing On Corporate Management Pte Ltd

Area: 1768 sm

Typology: Residential High Rise

Location: Singapore