Agricultural Museum Haindling

Renovation, Extension and village redevlopment

Der Gäuboden in the Lower Bavarian District of Straubing-Boden in famous for its very fertile loamy loess soils, and its high quality hops, wheat and corn. It is called the breadbasket of the region. Now, as leading firms like BMW, Siemens and Sennbogen setting factories in the region, there has been an obvious structural change noticed in the working environment. Obviously, the profits that come from working and operating a manufacturing plant far outweigh what is normally earned by a comparatively smaller farm. Currently, there is still an estimated twelve per cent of the regional population that continue to work in agriculture, however, these numbers are expected to decrease as more and more farms vanish to cater to modern manufacturing developments. It is therefore all the more important to sustain and protect these agricultural and historical monuments. The Museum of the Troadboden, located in the heart of the village Haindling and just next to the remarkable double Church of Pilgrimage, is one such institution in place meant to keep the culture alive. The projects undertaken by the museum sees a vernacular four stable farm transformed into an agricultural exhibition and event space.


The structure of the village is dominated by the surrounding agriculture. This is especially evident in the vernacular typology of traditional farmhouses with the main building, service building and stables, which form a typical square. The site of Haindling is known for the baroque Pilgrimage Double Church Mariä Himmelfahrt and the local musician Hans-Jürgen Buchner.


A new museum building replaces parts of the decayed ensemble. A long white brick building holds two floors with exhibition spaces, library and multi-purpose hall and restores the traditional courtyard for areal. Agricultural machinery in the refurbished timber stables give an insight into the typical life on farm in the Gäuboden Region. The old Chestnut tree marks the centre of the beer-garden in the yard of the farm.


Project: Invited Competition

Team: Florian Schätz, Helmut Lederer, Duc Duy Nguyen Hoang, Bobby Wong

Client: Municipality Geiselhöring

Area: 2195 sm

Typology: Museum

Location: Germany