Station Plaza Rosenheim

The symmetry of classical order

The more than 150 years old station with neoclassical facade, defined for generations the entrance gate to Rosenheim. Urban redevelopments, alteration of infrastructure and logistics within the German Railway System as well as economic measures causes a once grand image of the station plaza to fade away. The urban redevelopment master-plan suggests to redevelop the whole station area with an intelligent new traffic concept and new infrastructural facilities. It gradually restores the historical classical order of the traditional structure, so that the station becomes the entrance gate to the city once again. The design defines clear urban edges, open areas and restores the main urban axis. The "Südtirolerplatz" becomes a generous multi-functional public space with greenery, walkways and beer-garden. A new bus terminal with twelve bus platforms, taxi drop off zones and parking facilities for more than 1500 bicycles are situated on the former switching yard station. 

Traffic planning

Bus, bicycle and automobile parking, traffic management and open spaces are functionally separated. The traffic is optimized for peak hours by avoiding overlapping circulation paths. Pedestrian are now able to cross safely over the plaza towards the city. Taxis queue from the northern spine towards the drop-off zones, meanwhile private traffic is organized on the Southern end of the station building. 


The bus terminal is under a wide cantilevering roof with PV cells and vertical greenery. Waiting ares, washrooms and cafes are housed under a filigree steel structure towards the Luitpoldstrasse. The symmetrical axis is re-established with a three story steel box that houses bicycle parking facility, bicycle shop and a lounge with beer-garden facing the station plaza. 


Project: International Design Competition  

Team: Florian Schätz, Lei-Ya Wong, Rayson Kan, Kurt Lloyd Babet, Joe Parayno, Joanne Goh, Penny Ng

ARGE: G+2S Landscape Architects 

Client: City of Rosenheim

Area: 33.500 sm

Typology: Urban Planning, Infrastructure

Location: Germany