Schätz Aircraft Carousel

Vertical Aircraft Parking

“How to park a maximum amount of aircraft on a minimum plot of land?” This question led to a very innovative and functional aircraft hangar solution. Jockeying for position causes delays, damage and high costs in manpower and operations. The cutting edge design for a vertical rotating aircraft parking system not only helps to increase the storage space for aircrafts by 300%, it also allows for a 95% decrease in time spent for parking and retrieval of an aircraft. The removal of a plane from its parking space also quickens by five-folds in this new system. As the leading global specialist for rotating aircraft systems, the system has been recognised and awarded for its innovative design, efficient and cost-effective solution. We provide customised hangar upgrading for any old or new hangar. With our newly developed Skylounge we combine aircraft parking, servicing, flying school, pilot lodging, mediacal aviation services, sky-spa and sky-restaurant for a great new investment opportunity in the aviation industry.


Schätz Aircraft Carousel, a design developed and patented in Germany, provides easy parking, relocating and safer handling for private aircraft, business or military jets, cars and logistical goods. The system has been implemented in more than 150 times on more than 50 airports in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Singapore.


The innovative solution for a maximized usage of land on an airport enables to increase the hangar operations on a smaller footprint. But it leads to a structural design challenge to build the most ecological, economical and feasible facility. A rotating turntable system is stacked vertically and holds the vertical loads of 54 tons. The two-stories of independent rotating discs hold up to 14 aircraft.


Project: Commission

Team: Florian Schätz, Uli Schätz, Lei-Ya Wong

Client: MAJ Aviation Pte Ltd

Area: 495 sm

Typology: Infrastructure

Location: Singapore