Double House

1+1 = one

We were asked to design a simple house for a family consisting of only two members: a single mother and a daughter with disabilities. While the teenager is seeking for a bit more privacy and independency, the mother needs to be close enough in case of an emergency. Following universal design requirements, the residence is completely wheelchair accessible. We were interested in the typology of the traditional double house, which is the symmetrical arrangement of two houses sharing one wall. A double house offers two separate zones, but instead of sharing a central wall, mother and daughter share a common kitchen area. Entrance, loggia and terrace separate the two volumes, whilst the middle service zone with flat roof and double corridor connects them as one. 


The bungalow is free standing at the edge of a small village in a rural area near the Austrian border. The bungalow appears with a double hump pitched roof as duplex house, but represents the typical single family house with a front and backyard, driveway and attached carport. /p>


The bungalow is constructed in brick shear walls and a double hump pitched concrete roof with double standing seams zinc cladding. The grey Passo FK 590mm x 40mm long format facade clinker enhances the horizontality of the envelop. Silver grey aluminum louvers provide shade in the loggia. The hidden drain along with the sharp edge, expresses a very strong sculptural form. 


Project: Commission 

Team: Florian Schätz, Thalia Ortega, Carolina Vega, Joanne Goh

Client: private

Area: 186 sm

Typology: Residential

Location: Germany